Why Hello Fresh Changed Our Lives

Pre-January 2017 we ordered in probably three times a week, and we were stuck in a rut cooking the other days.

Then we discovered Hello Fresh!

What they do: They deliver a box of fresh ingredients to you each week. They have vegetarian and carnivore plans. You then cook based on their easy to follow instructions.

Why we got it: It was too easy and expensive to order in. This is real food, with real portion control that lets you stay within what I’d call run-of-the-mill ingredients. In other words you can replicate 90% of recipes easily. the only exception are some Asian recipes that getting the fresh noodles (not dried) is a challenge.

The dud factor: over the past year there have only been three recipes that were total duds. Some obviously we liked better than others. In fact, I’m often amazed that what I think I won’t like, I do. (I’ve never been a pork lion fan and I like all their pork loin recipes. I also seriously dislike sweet potatoes, and I like about half of their sweet potato items, the other half I can deal with)

Leftovers: About 1/3 of the recipes we end up with a lunch portion left over.

Calories: run between 500 and 800 for dinner. This isn’t bad. You can also eliminate certain calorie items like breads, sour cream if you so desire to lighten the calorie load. For example, I choose not to make creamed spinach and I leave buns off burgers.

Te results: a year later we love it. We upped our daily meals to four a week from three. We eat healthier. We’ve saved money, learned new cooking techniques, and I now feel confident cooking outside the Italian-American style I learned growing up.

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