Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Philly

1. Long rolls of bread are called hoagies. I refuse to call them anything but heroes.

2. Eagles fans wear their game jerseys on game day and spontaneously sing the Eagle fight song.

3. Jimmies are sprinkles. Either way, get them at BIG GAY ICE CREAM. Yum!

4. There is a speakeasy in the Franklin Mortgage and Investment.

5. People constantly run up the Art Museum steps around the clock in Rocky imitations. Many of them faceplant.

6. The Phillies and 76ers seem to end every interview with, “Thanks for being our fans. Hope we didn’t crush all your hopes and reams, but thanks for coming out and supporting us.”

7. Reading Terminal Market…nuff said.

8. Cheese steaks aren’t as good as everyone claims.

9. Federal Donuts!

10. People are really friendly.

1 thought on “Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Philly”

  1. Hoagies got their name when shipyard workers building ships at Hog Island during and after WWI would bring sandwiches on long rolls for lunch. The sandwiches became known as hoggies, then hoagies. The shipyards? The drydocks were filled in to make the Philadelphia airport just before WWII.

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